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 Transcript Requests

  • Rice University charges $5.00 per transcript (a $2.75 surcharge is added to transcripts ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse).
  • Transcript processing takes 1-2 business days during non-peak periods; however, during peak periods, an additional 1-2 days may be required to complete transcript orders.
  • Transcripts are sent first-class mail via USPS (approximately 2-3 day delivery time for domestic destinations).
  • Rice does not currently process or produce electronic transcripts. Please email transcripts@rice.edu for further information about electronic transcripts.
  • Rice transcripts do not contain social security numbers, which may make it difficult for the receiving institution to match your records.
  • If a transcript order needs to be expedited, additional fees are applied.  Please email transcripts@rice.edu.
  • Per university policy, official transcripts will not be released to anyone whose financial obligations have not been met.

How to Request

Transcripts can be ordered online via ESTHERexternal_link or via the National Student Clearinghouseexternal_link. While both methods of online transcript ordering offer 24/7 convenience and secure transactions via major credit cards, ESTHER is the preferred method of order submission.


ESTHER is the online self-service resource for students and alumni at Rice. Additional information on ESTHER can be located on the ESTHER FAQ page.

Rice students in attendance prior to Fall 1999 should email transcripts@rice.edu if they have not recently requested a transcript. These student records are housed in an inactive database and need to be migrated to the current student system and verified for GPA calculations. Please include the following information in the email:

  • Name During Attendance
  • Date of Birth
  • Dates of Attendance
  • Degree
  • Major

To place an order in ESTHER:

  1. Login to  ESTHERexternal_link  
  2. Click Student Services & Account Information > Student Records & Account Information > Order an Official Transcript  
  3. Carefully read and follow the step-by-step process
  4. If additional documents or attachments need to be sent with your transcript, you must email or fax them immediately after ordering your transcript.

After one business day, you may verify the status of your transcript order in ESTHER:

  1. Login to ESTHERexternal_link  
  2. Click Student Services & Account Information > Student Records & Account Information > View Previous Transcript Orders  
  3. Select the appropriate order (by date)

National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)

To ensure confidentiality and to comply with federal regulations, a signature release form is required and must be sent to the NSC with each order.

To place an order and obtain your release form through the NSC:

  1. Go to the  National Student Clearinghouseexternal_link  
  2. Select Rice University from the pull-down menu
  3. Click Submit  
  4. Carefully read and follow the step-by-step process

You can track your order online and you will receive email updates. If the consent form for your order is outstanding, links to both a PDF and HTML version of your form will be available online. You can fax, email or mail the completed form to the National Student Clearinghouseexternal_link. You can also obtain a copy of the consent form by clicking the link in the email updates.

If additional documents or attachments need to be sent with your transcript, please specify that in the special instructions section of your order form. Additionally, you must email or fax documents to the Office of the Registrar. 


Questions regarding transcripts should be directed to transcripts@rice.edu.

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Last Revised : January 29, 2015