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Academic Calendars

Academic calendars are approved by the Faculty Senate. In January 2008 meeting, Faculty Senate approved a system of calendar generation based on formulas, number of days, etc. Beginning with the 2009-10 academic year, Rice's academic calendar has followed this methodology.  

Academic Calendar

Semester-specific academic calendars are also available:

Fall 2016 

Spring 2017 

Summer 2017 (approved 12/16/16)

Fall 2017 (approved 09/16/15)

Spring 2018 (approved 09/16/15)

Summer 2018

Fall 2018 (approved 09/07/16)

Spring 2019 (approved 09/07/16)

Summer 2018

Past Academic Calendars  

*This is a proposed academic calendar, for planning purposes. At the first meeting of the Faculty Senate each Fall, the proposed academic calendar two years out will be reviewed and approved. 

The academic calendar is also available in Google Calendars.

Part of Term Calendars

To view Part of Term Calendars, please visit the Part of Term Courses page.

Course Syllabus Templates

Rice University's Center for Teaching Excellence has syllabus guidelines and optional, editable syllabi outlines here.

Academic Department Planning Calendars

The calendars below are provided for academic department planning purposes. The planning calendars provide a timeline of ongoing projects in the Office of the Registrar, as well as, a timeline of when the Office of the Registrar will require departmental assistance. 

Fall Planning Calendar  PDF   Spring Planning Calendar  PDF   Summer Planning Calendar  PDF  


Last Revised : December 16, 2016