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What is ESTHER?

ESTHER (Employee and Student Tools, Help, and Electronic Resources) is the web application for students, faculty, and staff. Students will use this application to register for classes and retrieve certain data such as grades and account information. For more information about how to use ESTHER, please see the ESTHER presentation for studentsPDF.

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What can I do on ESTHER?


Faculty and staff

  • Update your contact information
  • Register, add, and drop courses
  • View your course schedule
  • Access your final grades
  • View your unofficial transcript
  • Identify any holds on your account
  • Obtain enrollment verifications
  • Print your degree application
  • View financial aid information
  • View your employment information, such as your past pay stubs (if applicable)
  • Review charges and payments
  • Pay your account online
  • View Course & Instructor Evaluation comments for previous semesters
  • Update your contact information
  • View your course rosters
  • Enter final grades
  • View your pay information
  • Download tax forms
  • Access your employee account
  • View benefits information
  • View Course & Instructor Evaluation comments

* For more information, refer to the ESTHER presentation for students PDF.

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What is my ESTHER User ID?

Your User ID in ESTHER is your student ID. Please keep in mind that in ESTHER, your student ID (S12345678) is case sensitive and the the letter S is followed by eight numeric characters.

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How do I request a PIN reset?

Please send an e-mail from your Rice email address, stating your full name and student ID as verification, requesting a PIN reset to registrar@rice.edu.

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When I'm trying to reset my Login PIN, it tells me to re-enter my old PIN. What does this mean?

Your “Old Login PIN” is really your current Login PIN; the one you just used to access the system; the one you are trying to change.

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What do I do if my Login PIN doesn't work?

Try typing both your User ID and your PIN again to make sure there aren’t any typos. The User ID and PIN are both case-sensitive.

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What if I forgot my Login PIN, or I am POSITIVE that my Login PIN doesn't work?

If you have successfully logged-in before, but you cannot login now, type your User ID then click on the “Forgot PIN?” button. The security question that you created previously will appear. Type the answer.

If you answer correctly, you will be directed to reset your PIN. If you answer incorrectly, you will not be permitted to login and you must send an e-mail, stating your full name and student ID as verification, to registrar@rice.edu.

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What if I was never able to set-up a security question?

E-mail registrar@rice.edu.

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Does ESTHER ever have downtimes?

Yes. To find the schedule of downtimes, check Administrative Systems'external_link website.

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Last Revised : March 14, 2014