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President's Honor Roll

The President's Honor Roll is an honor given each semester to recognize students for their academic achievements. Based on semester GPA, approximately 30 percent of all undergraduates are recognized. The GPA required to be on the President’s Honor Roll varies each semester.

For more information about the President's Honor Roll, refer to the Information for Undergraduate Students section in the General Announcements external_link.


To be eligible for the President's Honor Roll, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Undergraduates enrolled in four-year bachelor's degree programs are always eligible for the Honor Roll.
  • Students enrolled in five-year bachelor's/master's programs are eligible only during their first eight semesters.
  • Undergraduate students must have grades, exclusive of Pass/Fail and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, in a total of 12 or more semester (GPA) hours and must not have any grade of F or U.
  • Undergraduate students must meet the minimum GPA that is calculated from approximately the top 30 percent of all eligible undergraduate GPAs.
  • Students with temporary grades, such as OT and INC are not eligible until those grades have been converted. Please consult the academic calendar for term-specific deadlines.

Please Note: Undergraduate students who are awarded the Presidnet's Honor Roll designation and no longer meet the eligibility requirements for any reason are removed from the President's Honor Roll.


The following timeline applies to the President's Honor Roll:

  1. After the deadline has passed for instructors to resolve "Incompletes" (INC) grades from the previous term, the minimum qualifying GPA for the President's Honor Roll is calculated. Please consult the academic calendar for term-specific deadlines.

  2. The Office of the Registrar will conduct a periodic review of grade changes to ensure that undergraduate students are appropriately awarded the President's Honor Roll designation. During these reviews, the President's Honor Roll designation will be added or removed from a student's record as necessary.

Designation on Student Transcripts

After the deadline has passed for instructors to resolve "Incompletes" (INC) grades from the previous term, the majority of undergraduate students who meet the President's Honor Roll eligibility requirements can expect to see the award designation on their transcript. Please consult the academic calendar for term-specific deadlines.

Publication of the Official List

The official President's Honor Roll list contains the names of students who have been awarded the President's Honor designation. This list is posted in the Office of the Registrar. Please note that students who have requested the withholding and confidentiality of their directory information will not have their name recorded on the published President's Honor Roll list.


If you have any questions about the President's Honor Roll, please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@rice.edu.

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Last Revised : October 21, 2014