Course Information

Contact Hours and Credit Hours

Rice University follows established practices with regard to course contact hours, and their relationship to credit hours. For more information, please visit the Contact Hours and Credit Hours page.

Course Meeting Times

Courses that have assigned meeting times and assigned classrooms should meet at those times and in those assigned classroom spaces as listed on the Course Schedule. Meeting in the posted time and space is necessary at Rice for a number of reasons, including allocating adequate resources, being able to identify who is likely in a given location in the event of an emergency situation, enabling efficient course registration to avoid overlaps, etc. It also allows a student to plan his/her workload and schedule for the semester. In some circumstances, meeting outside the posted time and space may be necessary for curricular reasons (e.g., field trips, discussion sessions, TA sessions).

Once registration occurs in a section, the meeting time for that section cannot be changed.

Standard Class Times

Rice University utilizes standard class times, referred to as Standard Time Blocks. For more information, please visit the Standard Class Times page.

Course Type Definitions

  • Cross-listed courses share the same title, credit, description, meeting time and days, instructor, and attributes including repeatability and distribution, etc.
  • Equivalent courses may share the same attributes such as title, description, credit, and meeting time, but they do not necessarily share all course information.
  • Graduate/Undergraduate equivalency courses are the graduate and undergraduate versions of a unique and specific course.

Please click here for more detailed Course Type Definitions.

Please click here for pdf lists, by semester, of Cross-listed Courses.

PLEASE NOTE: Students may not receive credit for cross-listed, equivalent or graduate/undergraduate (G/U) equivalent courses that they are registered in at the same time. If the course is not repeatable, students may not receive credit for cross-listed, equivalent or graduate/undergraduate equivalent courses taken in different semesters.

Enrollment Counts

Enrollment counts are available and easily accessible for the current semester and several recent semesters. In the Web application referenced below, you can view an entire semester, a subject or a specific course. The information is available in three different formats: a PDF file, an Excel spreadsheet or HTML, depending on your preference. The Web application provides information such as the CRN, Title, Instructor(s), Credits, Maximum Count, Actual Count, and Available Count. If a course is cross-listed, please note that enrollments for each section are listed separately under the appropriate course title. The Web application pulls real time data directly from the student system enabling you to access the most current information.

Click here to access the Web application providing Enrollment Counts.