Guidelines for Classroom Use - Rice Classes and Events

The following guidelines apply to any “User” (department, group, or individual) requesting to use a Rice University classroom under the scheduling authority of the Office of the Registrar (“OTR”):

  1. OTR has sole authority for approving use of the classroom at the time assigned.
    • No other entity may approve use for the days/times of requested use.
    • User may not re-assign classroom use permission to another individual or group.
  2. Use is restricted to the stated class/event, in the assigned classroom, on the confirmed days, between the confirmed start and end times.
    • Use on additional days and/or at additional times requires additional OTR approval.
    • Use of additional classrooms requires additional OTR approval.
    • OTR does not grant approval for use of foyers, hallways, etc. User must obtain permission from the office of the dean of the building’s resident department to use such spaces.
  3. Food should not be served or consumed in Rice classrooms.
    • Short of deliberate vandalism, nothing destroys classroom quality faster than the crumbs and stains left behind by people consuming food and beverages, even if they are careful and do not intend to leave messes. Keeping food out of the classroom provides the following benefits:
      • aids in maintaining the quality of the classroom
      • prevents damage to computers and other equipment
      • deters the proliferation of ants, roaches, rats, and other pests
      • enables others to use classrooms without the inconvenience of lingering food odors
  4. User should ensure classroom is ready to use by next user upon leaving.
    • User is responsible to assure that proper cleanup is performed prior to vacating the classroom, in order to leave the room in a condition at least as good as the one in which it was found. This is not the responsibility of the building custodians.
  5. User should use the classroom, including its audio/visual equipment and other contents, in a responsible manner.
    • User should not remove chairs from any classroom.
    • User may rearrange chairs and tables within a classroom, and should return them to their original positions at the end of use. User should not alter the classroom in any other way.
    • User should not employ fastening of any type, including tape, screws, and nails, on any surface, and User should not permit the defacing or marring of any surface.
    • User should notify FE&P of messes requiring the custodians’ attention.
    • User should notify IT of issues with the audio/visual equipment.
    • User should notify OTR of any other condition which could affect use of the room.
  6. User should vacate the classroom in a timely fashion in order to enable a subsequent event to begin on time. (See Guideline #2 concerning use of the classroom between the confirmed start and end times.)