Course Type Definitions

In order to classify courses appropriately in the schedule, it is important that the following definitions be used when departments create, modify, and schedule courses.

LEC Lecture A lecture course consists of classes that meet weekly for a specified number of hours; instruction is delivered in a lecture setting.
SEM Seminar Brings together a group of students to discuss topics of interest under the direction of a instructor or discussion leader. Often used interchangeably with workshop, institute, or study group.
LAB Laboratory Instructing, preparing and supervising student investigations; designed to enhance student concept attainment, problem solving and critical thinking.
STU Studio Studio courses such as Film, Photography, and Art.
LL Lecture Lab Combined lecture and lab.
IND Independent Study A self-directed approach to the acquisition of knowledge and/or competence in which a student plans and carries out learning activities on his/her own, carried out under the guidance of an instructor. Student works independently. Includes directed study, directed reading, and may include thesis and dissertation courses. Independent study courses may earn varying amount of credit hours depending on the amount of time devoted and the amount of academic work associated with the course.
RES Research Independent research and investigation, including a course toward directed research and/or a research project. Student works independently with only minimal faculty direction.
INT Internship / Practicum An internship provides the student with hands-on experience. The student should be able to relate the internship experience to the knowledge that he or she has gained through classroom instruction. An internship course usually involves a career-related or civic engagement learning experience of limited duration in which an individual takes on responsible roles outside of the traditional university environment where training and supervision are included: in a nonprofit organization, a government office, or a private, for-profit business. An internship may last for a month, several months, or a year; be paid or voluntary; be taken for academic credit or not; be full-time or part-time. Includes practicum courses. Internship courses may earn varying amount of credit hours depending on the amount of time devoted to the internship placement and the amount of academic work associated with the course.
ACT Activity Activity during which the student learns a sport, trade, hobby, or other skill through hands-on practice. Activity courses are typically Physical Activity Program (LPAP) courses.
AWY Away Away – Study Abroad Program. A wide variety of approved study abroad opportunities around the world designed for any discipline to suit a student’s needs.
ILE Intensive Learning Experience Condensed workshops designed to immerse students in practical situations using simulations and case analysis.