Grade Change Request

Starting in late May 2020, instructors may request a grade to be changed online via ESTHER. Grade change requests are only available to a course's instructors of record--department coordinators are not able to submit grade change requests.

While the ability to submit grade changes has now moved online, all Rice University Grade Policies and the Faculty Grading Guidelines are still applicable, and they can be found here.

Accessing Grade Change Requests

  1. Login to ESTHER.
  2. Go to Faculty Services > Grade Change Request.
  3. Select the term for the course.
  4. A list of courses will appear for which you are listed as the instructor of record for that term. Click the course you would like to request a grade change in.
  5. The roster for that course will appear.

Entering a Grade Change Request

  1. Find the student for whom you'd like to change a grade.
  2. Select a grade for the student from the drop-down box.
  3. Enter the reason that you are changing the grade. (Note: This is required and cannot be left blank.)
  4. Repeat the above steps for any additional students.
  5. Click SUBMIT GRADES at the bottom of the page.
  6. Review the grades you are requesting to be changed. If everything is correct, click SUBMIT REQUEST TO REGISTRAR.
  7. You will receive an email receipt with a ticket number for each grade change request you submitted. (Each student grade you submit is considered a "request," so if you submit 10 grade change requests, you will receive 10 different ticket numbers, one for each student.) Should you have questions about the status of the request, you may reply to that email.

Please note the following grade change request entry limitations:

  • There is a 30-minute timeout for this screen.
  • Grades can only be entered for students that have: 1) had a final grade submitted for the course and 2) have not had any previous grade changes made.
  • If a student has had a previous grade change of any type from anywhere in the university (e.g., Student Judicial Programs, a previous instructor correction, EX&S), you will not be able to submit the request online. It will need to be done in our office via a Grade Change Card. (We will work to enhance this capability in the future.)

Grade Change Request Feedback

We welcome feedback on this new process and are looking forward to be able to enhance this in the future. If you have comments, concerns, questions, or recommendations, please send them to