Majors and Minors of Study and University Certificates

Creating a new major, major concentration, minor, or university certificate

Depending on a couple of variables, including student levels (undergraduate or graduate), the approval process may differ. Academic curriculum is officially managed and overseen by the faculty, via the Faculty Senate (with the support of the Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum and the Graduate Council). Information on creating an undergraduate field of study is available on the Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum's website, and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies can provide information on creating a graduate field of study.

Declaring a major, minor, or university certificate

Students wishing to pursue a course of study in a particular field should contact the specific major advisor for that department or program. A list of major advisors can be found on the Office of Academic Advising website. Students should login to their ESTHER account, print out, complete, secure the appropriate advisor's signature, and then submit the Declaration of Major (or Minor or University Certificate) form to the Office of the Registrar.


Students who are planning to graduate must be sure to apply for graduation and review the Degree Works audit to ensure the fulfillment of university graduation requirements. Next, the department in which the student is studying will be asked to certify that the student has met all departmental requirements for their major. This is done after the 10th week of the Fall semester classes for December degree candidates and after the 2nd week of the Spring semester for May degree candidates.