Classroom Use Schedule: How to View

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Rice network credentials.
  3. Click the CALENDARS tab.
  4. Click "Scheduling Grids".

Consider what you would like to see...

The default display is today's current schedule of classes and events assigned in all Registrar-scheduled rooms.

Click the left triangle to see yesterday's schedule, and the right triangle for tomorrow.

To view other dates, click the date and a drop-down calendar will appear. There, click the left or right triangle to view the previous or next month. To view other months or years, click the drop-down calendar's month.

To view a specific room's weekly schedule, click "Week" next to the highlighted "Day" in the upper left-hand corner. Then click the desired room, using the scroll bar between the list of rooms and the scheduling grid as necessary.

In addition to seeing where there is current room availability, you can also use this classroom use schedule to confirm that your reservation has been processed.

This classroom use schedule is powerful, but it can be confusing until after a few uses. If you would like assistance in using this tool, please contact to arrange training.