SCAL@R and Flexible Classrooms

Student-Centered Active Learning at Rice (or "SCAL@R") is a flexible teaching and learning method employed in some Rice classes. In a SCAL@R class, classroom time features students in small discussion groups instead of the traditional seating in a large lecture hall. SCAL@R is a means of making a large survey course feel more like a seminar, with the aim of improving student interest and retention of material.

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An alternative furniture layout is necessary for a successful SCAL@R class, in order to place students in small groups for active discussions. To that end, Rice has modified several rooms for their use as SCAL@R classrooms:

  • Lovett College Commons (184 seats)
  • Brockman 101 (144 seats)
  • Duncan College 113 (60 seats)
  • Rayzor 123 (39 seats)
  • Abercrombie B209 (16 seats)

Rice also has modified some classrooms by replacing their standard walls with whiteboards, allowing instructors to encourage a different level of student interaction over the traditional lecture:

  • Herman Brown 21 (15 moveable tablet-arm chairs and whiteboard walls)
  • Herman Brown 22 (15 moveable tablet-arm chairs and whiteboard walls)