ESTHER Faculty/Staff Wait-Listing FAQs

Can I give a student an enrollment override via the Special Registration form?

No. Enrollment overrides, via Special Registration forms, into classes with ESTHER wait-lists cause technical problems within the system and for students on the wait-list.

How do I give a pre-requisite override to a student needing to wait-list a course in ESTHER?

Sign a Special Registration Form indicating the pre-requisite override. Return the form to the student for submission to the Office of the Registrar. The pre-requisite override will be entered into the system and the student can proceed to register/wait-list the course.

Where can I see the ESTHER wait-list roster for my course?

You can view the current ESTHER wait-list for your course via the Faculty Services tab in ESTHER.

  • Login to ESTHER
  • Click on Course Roster
  • Click on Faculty Services tab
  • Choose the appropriate term and click Submit
  • Click View next to course with an ESTHER wait-list (the ESTHER wait-list is not available using the Download option)
  • Click View Wait-list

Please Note: ESTHER wait-lists for cross-listed courses are displayed separately under each cross-listed section.

When does ESTHER wait-listing begin and end?

ESTHER wait-listing begins the same day and time as the Add/Drop registration begins. On the Monday morning of the second week of classes, any ESTHER wait-lists will be purged. Once this has been done, students will be able to add classes without a wait-list on a space available basis or will need to obtain the permission of instructor, via a Special Registration Form (Undergraduate or Graduate), to add a closed class.

All courses with FSEM, COLL, and LPAP subject codes will maintain wait-lists until the Week 2 ADD deadline. FWIS courses are not being ESTHER wait-listed.

Why is Rice offering wait-listing in ESTHER?

There are a couple benefits to using wait-listing in ESTHER. One is that the utilization of a wait-list in ESTHER facilitates a fair registration process for students. Another helpful component of the wait-list in ESTHER is that it allows Rice the ability to measure demand for a particular course or area of study.

Additionally, wait-listing in ESTHER aids and assists in the primary goal of increasing the number of smaller classes at Rice, as outlined by the Provost's office. For more information on these new guidelines and processes for courses, please view the New Guidelines and Processes for Courses.