Classroom Request

Before submitting this form for a reservation occurring on or after August 1, 2020, please review the guidance documents in Rice Box.

  • Rice faculty, instructors, staff members, and students use this form to request a classroom for activities occurring in general use classrooms and computer labs. You will be required to log in using your NetID and password if you are not already signed into Rice's Single Sign-On (Central Authentication Service / CAS).
  • External organizations must document their classroom requests as described in this procedure.

Rice has installed technology (Audio/Video - AV) systems in each classroom to support the university’s teaching mission. In order to enable the special requirement of dual delivery of classes, Rice has made special modifications to the AV systems in each classroom, including the addition of new monitor carts with expensive equipment and modification to the wiring and control software. Room users are not allowed to make any changes to these AV systems in any classroom.

  • Do not make changes to any settings, equipment, or cables.
  • Do not relocate the monitor carts.
  • Do not connect or disconnect any cables to/from the carts.

The classrooms’ AV systems already have a facility for use of a laptop. The cables for laptop connection are located at the main room lectern, and the controls for turning on the system and for selecting a laptop are available on the main room control panel.

Contact OIT at 713-348-4989 if you have any questions about how to use the AV system.

In addition to these restrictions, room users must adhere to the usual Guidelines for Classroom Use.