NEW THIS YEAR: Final Grades Due After Commencement

From the Office of the Registrar (OTR) . . . .


As noted in the Spring 2022 Academic Calendar, the final grade submission deadline for Spring 2022 is Wednesday, May 11th. Additionally, the Academic Calendar notes that this deadline is for ALL STUDENTS (both Degree Candidates and Continuing Students.

Some of you have asked for additional information on this, noting that in years past we have had two Spring semester final grade deadlines, one for degree candidates (before commencement) and a later one for continuing students. Please note that this year’s posted (Wed 05/11) final grades submission deadline is indeed correct (it’s not a typo or mistake).

Two years ago Faculty Senate approved updated Academic Calendar formulas which included the shortening of the time between the end of the final exam period and the commencement ceremony. As a result, the need for a separate and earlier final grade submission deadline for degree candidates was no longer needed. This is the first academic calendar year and first Spring that we (the Rice community) are seeing this, and it will be this way consistently going forward.

Final Exam Period
Wednesday, April 27 - Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Convocation and Commencement Ceremonies**:
Friday and Saturday, May 6-7, 2022

Spring 2022 Final Grades Due (All Students):
Wednesday, May 11th

** Students are certified to participate in commencement ceremonies “assuming successful completion of in-progress (Spring 2022) courses”.

For more info on the 2019 Faculty Senate Working Group on the Academic Calendar, please go to:

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