Spring 2023 Courses with ESTHER Waitlists

From the Office of the Registrar (OTR) ...


If you are receiving this e-mail, you are an instructor of at least one Spring 2023 course with an ESTHER waitlist.

The ESTHER waitlists have been active for your course(s) since the publishing of the Spring 2023 Course Schedule almost two months ago. As a reminder of the process with ESTHER waitlists: For courses with ESTHER waitlists, the waitlist will remain in effect through Week 1 of the semester, but will automatically be removed for Week 2 (at 12:0 AM on Monday of Week 2).*

Simply put, for courses with ESTHER Waitlists: Week 1, waitlist ON; Week 2, WAITLIST OFF;

For the Spring 2023 semester - for courses with ESTHER Waitlists:

—> Week 1 (Monday, 01/09 - Sunday, 01/15): Waitlist ON;

—> Week 2 (Monday, 01/16 - Friday, 01/20): Waitlist OFF;

* COLL 100-199, FWIS, and all LPAP courses are excluded; ESTHER waitlists will remain active throughout the full registration period for those courses.

NOTE: Each semester as part of the building of the university's Course Schedule, instructors and departments are able to determine registration restrictions for their courses, determine if they want to utilize ESTHER waitlists, etc. Less than 15% utilize waitlists and even fewer have waitlist activity. We send this reminder each semester that for courses with ESTHER Waitlists: Week 1, waitlist ON; Week 2, waitlist OFF.

Thank you . . .