Staff Directory


Title Name Ext. E-mail
University Registrar David Tenney x8036
Executive Assistant Armi Cahoy x8043

Student Records, Registration, and Transfer Credit

Title Name Ext. E-mail
Senior Associate Registrar Ellen Everett x8035
Academic Curriculum Manager Rachel Clay x3623
Assistant Registrar Maritza Salinas x8053
Student Records Analyst (UG) Shar-Lee Shandera x8040
Student Records Analyst (GR) Alicia Bradley x8034
Student Records Specialist Sara Dickens x8045
Transcript and Verification Analyst Ana Carrasco x8033
Registration Assistant Darlene Judd x8030
Staff Assistant, Customer Service Cynthia Chavez x8031

Course Catalog, Course Schedule, Classrooms, Student Systems and Data Reporting

Title Name Ext. E-mail
Senior Associate Registrar Justin Schilke x3157
Assistant Registrar Debra Roberts x8041
Classroom and Scheduling Manager Chris Higgins x8026
Program Manager Angel Forward x8032
Course Catalog and Schedule Assistant John Martinez x8052

*Please Note: Rice University numbers: 713-348-XXXX