Critical Dialogues on Diversity (CDOD) Registration

The Critical Dialogues on Diversity (CDOD) set of workshops have been designed to explore critical approaches to culture, identity, and dialogue fundamental to living and working at Rice and essential for taking full advantage of a Rice education. It is offered as a 5-week workshop (UNIV 195 CDOD Workshop) and is required for all new undergraduate matriculants.

When to Take the CDOD Workshop

All new first time matriculants are required to register for UNIV 195 during the first semester at Rice. This generally occurs during the fall semester and is intended to be taken immediately following the (UNIV 194) CTIS Workshop. It cannot be taken at another point in a student's educational career.

UNIV 195 is restricted to new undergraduate matriculants.

How to Register for the CDOD Workshop

  • As with all other course selections, students should add their first choice CDOD and alternate CDOD into their Course Requests by the closing date of the Course Request Period. The closing date for Fall new matriculant registration can be found on the Fall O-Week Registration page.
  • When the results of the Course Requests are published, all students will be able to see their registration results.
  • During registration, students may add CDOD workshops online via ESTHER until 2pm (of day the results are published) if they did not receive one in their registration results; no CDOD workshops may be dropped online via ESTHER. After 2pm on the day the results are published, students who have not registered for a CDOD workshop will be administratively placed into a UNIV 195 section that fits into their schedule. After all students have been registered for a CDOD course, CDOD drops and adds can still be done (dependent upon space availability) via a Special Registration Form submitted in person at the Office of the Registrar or via email to Neither an "add" nor a "drop" will require the instructor’s signature for UNIV 195, however, the OTR will not process an “add” when it will introduce a course conflict, double-booking or enrollment above the max course cap. No CDOD "drop" will be processed without an appropriate, and space available, CDOD "add."