Degree Works FAQs (General)

How does Degree Works work?

The Degree Works audit identifies courses completed at Rice, along with in-progress coursework or transfer credits accepted by Rice, and displays how those courses are applied to a student's declared academic program (degree, major, minor, and/or certificate) according to the requirements as outlined in the General Announcements.

What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is a web-based, degree auditing and tracking tool which enables students and advisors to evaluate academic progress towards graduation in accordance with overall university requirements and specific academic program requirements outlined in the General Announcements.

Which student populations use Degree Works?

All undergraduate students will have their academic program(s) (university, degree, major, minor, and/or certificate) graduation requirements tracked in Degree Works. Graduate students in terminal master's degree programs, as well as graduate students pursuing a graduate certificate will find those programs' graduation requirements tracked in Degree Works. Graduate students in doctoral programs or candidacy master's program will find general academic progress information in Degree Works. Graduate students in doctoral programs or candidacy master's programs should work with that program's academic advisor, or where applicable, the department or program's Director of Graduate Studies to identify and document the courses to be taken to fulfill requirements.

What is an Official Certifier?

Official Certifiers are faculty members identified in all undergraduate programs and the specific graduate programs tracked in Degree Works (terminal master's degree programs and graduate certificates) to approve and certify those students for graduation, or to make course substitutions or exceptions as needed.

How is Degree Works different from the previous degree audit system (E-CAPP)?

Degree Works is an advising tool which will produce a much easier to read and user-friendly degree audit. Degree Works will give students and advisors more thorough information when selecting coursework and understanding degree requirements. One of the many special features of Degree Works is that it will allow advisors the opportunity to make approved course substitutions electronically. This will give students a better idea of what courses are still required to complete their degree. Also, because course substitutions are entered directly into the system by advisors, paper and email updates will be greatly reduced.