Important Notice Regarding Evaluations

The course and instructor evaluation process is an essential ingredient in the university's ongoing effort to monitor and improve the quality of instruction at Rice. As part of this valuable process, each semester students are encouraged to submit feedback on the quality of the course and the effectiveness of its instructor. After the evaluation period, this student ratings data will then be made available only to, and is intended for, Rice students, faculty and staff on its internal computer network.

Students should be aware that the university reserves the right to remove or redact narratives or comments that may be considered harassing in nature, obscene, indecent, personally attacking and/or otherwise inappropriate.

Evaluation and ratings information should be considered confidential and is to be used solely by, within and amongst the Rice University community and its members. Failure to follow this rule may result in a student's access to the evaluations being restricted, or other disciplinary action. Since the evaluations are posted on the university's network, however, the university is unable to guarantee that evaluation scores or comments, or portions thereof, will never be viewed or shared outside of Rice, including on the Internet.