Repeated Courses

Repeatable courses are defined as courses for which students may earn credit more than once. Courses that are repeatable include research and thesis courses, special topics courses and other miscellaneous courses. Credits are earned each time the course is successfully completed and if the course is taken for a letter grade (A-F), the grade earned is counted toward the student’s term and cumulative grade point averages.

Courses that are not repeatable may be taken more than once, but credit for the class is only given once, while all instances of that course that were taken for a letter grade (A-F) count toward the student's term and cumulative grade point averages (GPAs). For example, if a student completed HIST 117 and received a grade of B, then repeated the course and received a grade of A, both instances would appear on the student's transcript and count toward his/her GPA. As credit cannot be given for the same non-repeatable course more than once, the student would only receive three credits toward his/her degree. Failing grades of F are counted toward both term and cumulative GPAs even though no credit was earned.

Please Note

  • Students may not receive credit for cross-listed, equivalent or graduate/undergraduate equivalent courses taken at the same time.
  • If the course is not repeatable, students may not receive credit for cross-listed, equivalent or graduate/undergraduate equivalent courses taken in different semesters.
  • Transfer credit will not be articulated for courses previously completed at Rice with a passing grade (D- or better), with the exception of courses designated as repeatable for credit. In the instance where a student fails or withdraws from a Rice course and repeats it at another institution, transfer credit may be awarded.
  • On a student’s transcript, a repeated course is indicated by one of the following values, which may be found next to the grade:
    • A - Included in GPA, but excluded from earned hours
    • E - Excluded from both GPA and earned hours
    • I - Included in GPA and earned hours
  • During registration, if a student wants to repeat a non-repeatable course, they must fill out a Special Registration Form (Undergraduate or Graduate), select the "Repeat Acknowledgment" statement, sign the form, and then submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar either in-person or via e-mail to By doing so, the student is acknowledging that no additional credit will be earned if credit was granted in the previous attempt. The attempt with the highest grade will carry earned hours.