Survey of All Students (SAS)

The Survey of All Students (SAS) is an ongoing system of surveys for all undergraduate and graduate students to collect institutional relevant, Student Association, and Graduate Student Association related information. The SAS will be administered during the 11th-13th weeks of each semester and average 15 minutes or less for completion. The SAS will include questions targeted toward various student subpopulations (e.g., class-level, athletes, international, transfers, first generation, students enrolled in classes involving new pedagogies such as flipped classroom or online delivery, etc.) as well as a few questions asked of all students.

It is expected that the SAS be the primary survey methodology to collect the information needed by many different constituencies on campus, both academic and nonacademic. Additional surveys of students are discouraged unless absolutely necessary (e.g., external COFHE consortium surveys). This is each student’s opportunity and responsibility to provide feedback about the Rice community and experiences.

Each semester, all undergraduate and graduate students have a HOLD placed on their ability to engage in early registration for the upcoming semester. (NOTE: Continuing Studies MLS graduate students are exempt.) This hold is in addition to the other three universal holds placed on registration (i.e., Student Handbook Affirmation, Emergency Notification, and Address Verification).

Students will receive their invitations and reminders to complete the survey approximately two weeks before registration opens. During this two-week period, UG students should complete their ESTHER Registration Course Request in anticipation of the registration lottery. Note: HOLDS do not prevent students from the ESTHER Registration Course Request process. Any hold WILL prevent the courses in the ESTHER Registration Course Request from being processed. Monitoring of the removal of the hold will done by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and the Office of the Registrar to minimize the negative impact on students. The SAS registration hold is being managed by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and will be removed by OIE prior to registration.