Undergraduate Continuing Students Planning to Transfer College Study Abroad College Credit

How do I get more information about study abroad?

The Study Abroad Office coordinates all approved study abroad programs. Students should visit the Study Abroad Office website for more information.

Why do I see a notation on my Rice transcript that seems to indicate I will receive 12 hours of credit during my semester AWAY?

All study abroad students have the same notation posted to the semester AWAY. The AWAY 100 notation is simply a placeholder and does not post any hours or grade points to your record nor does it indicate your actual transfer hours during the study abroad semester. Actual transfer credit will be posted to your record after you return and we have received your official transcript. The study abroad transfer credit will appear at the beginning of your Rice transcript. The AWAY 100 notation will remain on your Rice record even after you return to Rice.

What do I need to do in order to transfer credit back to Rice?

Students participating in an official Study Abroad program through the Study Abroad Office will need to follow the below listed guidelines to transfer credit back to Rice:

  • Students participating in a study abroad program with a third-party provider must provide a School of Record transcript in order to transfer credit back to Rice. To receive transfer credit at Rice, students are expected to present a transcript from a four-year college or university; the grade sheet from the third-party provider is not acceptable.
  • Students participating in a study abroad program with direct enrollment into a foreign university might have to provide a professionally evaluated transcript if the Office of the Registrar is unable to make a clear distinction of the credit earned.

Please note: A number of European institutions use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). One ECTS credit is articulated to one-half (.50) semester credit at Rice. When attending a European institution using the ECTS, it is recommended that students take 25-30 ECTS credits per semester. A minimum full time load during the fall or spring semesters is 24 ECTS credits, which will transfer as 12 Rice semester hours.

Once my official study abroad transcript has been delivered to the Office of the Registrar, how long will it be before the credit is posted?

At times, we need to research credits, grades, courses, and the international institution, so please allow at least two weeks. In certain cases, students may be required to obtain a professional evaluation of the study abroad transcript. Two reliable services with course-by-course evaluations that include this required information are:

All professional evaluations should be obtained from one of these two recommended credential services and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Payment for the professional evaluation is the student’s responsibility. The Office of International Programs will notify students if this evaluation is required. Please allow extra processing time when procuring a professional evaluation. We will notify you at your Rice e-mail address when the credit has been posted.

Do I need to complete pre-approval requests for my study abroad courses?

Yes, the Study Abroad Office will require that you complete the Undergraduate Request for Transfer Credit for all of your study abroad courses, even if you plan to receive TRAN credit. How do I get prior approval for Rice equivalent transfer credit?

What should I do if I am planning to study abroad my final semester, completing my graduation requirements away?

Students are discouraged from participating in a study abroad program during their last semester before graduation if they have outstanding university and/or major requirements. Should they choose to go abroad for their final semester without having all degree requirements met, their degree will not be awarded until the following conferral period.

You must be approved to “complete degree requirements elsewhere” by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates, and the Study Abroad Office must be informed of your plans if you are going abroad during your final semester with outstanding degree requirements. For this reason, students typically participate in study abroad during their sophomore or junior years; however, study abroad is possible beginning the summer after freshmen year.

PLEASE NOTE: Students that have completed all graduation requirements and choose to remain at Rice an additional semester in order to participate in a Study Abroad program, will have a transcript hold placed on their record until the transcript from the host institution is received. This will not impact their graduation since all requirements will have been met prior to their departure from Rice – the degree will be posted and the diploma will be ordered and sent to the student as with any other graduating student. Please contact the Study Abroad Office directly if you have any questions: abroad@rice.edu and please refer to the Study Abroad Office website for more information and useful links.