Course Syllabus FAQs (Student)

Can I see the course syllabus for any course at Rice?

Yes. Within ESTHER, students can see posted course syllabus information for all courses at Rice that have a posted syllabus.

Can I see the course syllabus for a course that I am currently wait-listing?

Yes. Within ESTHER, students can see posted course syllabus information for all courses at Rice that have a posted syllabus.

How do I view course syllabus information?

Within ESTHER, students are able to view the course syllabus information for courses that they have registered for. To do so:

  1. Login to ESTHER
  2. Click on Student Services & Account Information > Registration > Course Syllabus: View Posted Syllabus
  3. Click View Current Syllabus next to the appropriate course
  4. When dialogue box opens, click OK

Students may also view posted syllabi within the ESTHER Registration Application:

  1. Login to ESTHER
  2. Click on Register or Add/Drop Classes
  3. Continue to search/find a course like you would normally do
  4. Once you find a course you would like to view the syllabus of, click the course title
  5. A dialog box will appear; click the Course Syllabus link
  6. You may be required to enter your Net ID and password again if the syllabus is set to "Private"
  7. The syllabus will download to your computer, assuming a syllabus is posted.

How long will I have access to the syllabus for my registered courses?

Once a course syllabus is posted in ESTHER, you will have access to that syllabus indefinitely. Many students and eventual degree recipients find that graduate schools and/or employers will ask for a course syllabus to confirm that certain material was covered in a course. Being able to access this information after graduation or completion of the course is wonderfully beneficial.

I looked in ESTHER and don't see a syllabus for one of my courses. Who should I contact?

If you do not see a syllabus for your registered course, you should start by contacting the instructor. Instructors have been asked to post a syllabus preferably by the first day of class, and definitely before the end of the first week of class. An instructor also may update a syllabus after that time, and throughout the semester. If an instructor does not post their syllabus in a timely fashion, or ignores students' requests to post the syllabus, students may contact the instructor's academic department.

What is the difference between a NON-PUBLIC and PUBLIC course syllabus?

A course syllabus marked as NON-PUBLIC is only viewable within ESTHER to the Rice community. Anyone with access to ESTHER should be able to see it.

A course syllabus marked as PUBLIC document is viewable in ESTHER and additionally posted to the Course Schedule, enabling it to be searchable and viewable to anyone on the internet.

When will a course's syllabus be posted and available in ESTHER?

A course syllabus may be available in ESTHER as early as the registration period for the upcoming academic term; however most course syllabi are posted and available in ESTHER on or before the first day of the course.