Graduate Transfer Credit

Transfer credit for graduate students is only granted with the approval of the student's graduate program advisor. Graduate students seeking transfer credit for Rice equivalent courses must ensure that the transfer courses meet the following criteria:

  • All transfer courses must meet Rice transfer credit guidelines
  • Courses used toward a degree at another institution are not eligible for transfer
  • Courses must have been taken at the graduate level at the transfer credit institution

Requesting Rice Equivalent Course Credit

For graduate students to obtain transfer credit at Rice, students will need to:

  1. Coordinate a meeting with their graduate program advisor
  2. The graduate program advisor will review the transfer courses and identify the comparable course at Rice University
  3. Complete the Graduate Request for Transfer Credit form available online or in the Office of the Registrar
  4. Obtain the approval signature of the graduate program advisor on the Graduate Request for Transfer Credit form
  5. Submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar in person or by email at
  6. Provide an official transcript from the transfer institution. If an official transcript was sent directly to the graduate program at Rice, the graduate program can forward the transcript to the Office of the Registrar. Otherwise, the student must request that an official transcript be sent to Rice. Instructions on how to send your official transcript to Rice can be found here.

Inter-Institutional Graduate Student Transfer Credit

Inter-Institutional Graduate Student Enrollment allows graduate students to participate in a collaborative agreement between Rice University and the following institutions:

  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Texas A&M Health Science Center
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
  • The University of Houston

A full-time graduate student is allowed to enroll in a course at one of the participating schools when the course is not offered at the student's own school. The course is then transferred to the student's home university.

For additional information, please visit the Inter-Institutional Graduate Student Enrollment page.