Updating Variable Credit

Courses that are offered for variable credit default to the lowest value upon the initial registration.

Once you have registered for the course or added the course to your Registration Requests, you should change the credit value to what is desired.

  1. Within the Registration area, click on the Schedule and Options tab.

  2. Click on the credit hour value for the course that needs to be updated.

    Selection of credit hour to be updated
  3. The credit hour field will display an option box in which the desired credit can be updated
  4. Enter the desired credit hours

  5. Tab out of the field to set the credit hours
  6. Click Submit

    Submit Button

    Be sure to check your schedule that the update saved.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are taking the course above the repeat limit set by the department, the transaction will not save and the update must be made in the Office of the Registrar. The university does allow students to repeat courses above the limit, however ESTHER will provide a warning message and will then additionally prevent a student from updating a course's variable credit hours online, if applicable.