Data and Reporting

Faculty and staff at Rice have access to helpful student data via several self-service options. Please use the list below to determine what type of data you may have access to, and where to locate it:

OTR Office Report

The Office of the Registrar provides a summary overview of some of the work completed in the office in an Annual Report. The following reports are available for review at

Self-Service Data Resources

You can consult the Self-Service Data Resources for an itemized list of available types of data and the available self-service resource location by clicking here.

Edgar/WebApps (internal only)

Faculty and staff in the academic departments and residential colleges may obtain access to student records information via the Electronic Data Gathering and Reporting (EDGAR) system. The following queries and downloads are available via EDGAR:

  • General student information (email address, college, matriculation term, status, program, major, total credit hours, GPA, unofficial transcript, student schedule, photograph etc.)
  • College/department rosters
  • Academic Standing - UG only
  • Graduation list download
  • General student download
  • Grade distribution download (aggregate data)
  • Grade report download (student specific data)
  • Hold maintenance application
  • Student address download
  • Student holds download
  • Student record action download
  • Registration Add/Drop download
  • Emergency contact information

The queries and downloads available to a particular user are based on the amount of access to student records a user is permitted. For additional information regarding EDGAR, including the process for obtaining access, please visit the Accessing EDGAR/WebApps page.

Enrollment Counts

Enrollment Counts are available for the current semester and any previous semester back to Fall 2004. In the Enrollment Counts WebApp, you have the option to view an entire semester, a subject or a specific course. The following information is available via the Enrollment Counts WebApp:

  • Course title
  • CRN
  • Instructor(s)
  • Credit Hours
  • Maximum number of students
  • Actual number of students
  • Available seats
  • Cross-listed courses
  • Cross-listed total enrollments (enrollment for each section listed separately under appropriate course title)

The Enrollment Counts WebApp pulls real-time data directly from the student system. Please note that course enrollment numbers include all students enrolled and registered, including those who are auditing.


Faculty and instructors may access course and student information via the Employee and Student Tools, Help, and Electronic Resources (ESTHER) system. The following information and services are available in ESTHER:

Faculty and instructors who are having trouble logging into their ESTHER accounts should contact Human Resources and request an ESTHER PIN reset.

Reports to the President

The Office of the Registrar produces two reports containing a great deal of helpful student data which can be used in a number of required departmental and institutional reporting situations.

The Report to the President - Degrees Awarded is generated once per academic year and contains degree and majors/minors awarded data over a seven year period. The Report to the President - Enrollment Data is generated once in the Fall semester and once in the Spring semester and contains enrollment data for the specific semester.

To access these reports, login using your NET ID and password at the following link: Reports to the President.

Program CIP Codes

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes for Rice academic programs are available here.

Summarized Course Evaluations

Course and Instructor Evaluation summaries are available on the Course and Instructor Summarized Evaluations page. To access this page, you will need to authenticate using your NetID and password after clicking the link. The data is now on the Rice Tableau Dataviz Server and instructions to navigate in Tableau are on the Summarized Evaluations page.

Annual Classrooms Report and Classroom Dashboard

In accordance with the directives from the Space Task Force (2013), an annual report on classrooms is available here. Additionally, in order to provide accurate and timely data for classroom and infrastructure decisions, the dashboard (available here) contains regularly requested data for the rooms on Rice's campus under the scheduling authority of the Office of the Registrar.

Ad Hoc Data Requests

If the data you are searching for is not available through any of the self-service options listed above, you may make an ad hoc data request. Information regarding these requests and the request form are available here.