Viewing Evaluation Narratives and Graphs in ESTHER

Beginning with data collected in the Spring 2007 semester, evaluation narratives and graphs are available via ESTHER.

To view evaluation narratives as faculty/staff:

  1. Login to ESTHER external_link
  2. Go to the Faculty Services tab.
  3. Click Course and Instructor Evaluation Display.
  4. Read the Important Notice regarding Evaluation Comments.
  5. Click Proceed to Evaluations.
  6. Select a Term.
  7. Select one of the following Search Types:
    • Course Evaluation
    • Instructor Evaluation
  8. Based on your Search Type, select one of the following options:
    • A Subject and Course.
    • An Initial and an Instructor.
  9. Click Search.

To view evaluation narratives and graphs as a student, directions are available here.