Exam Credit

Rice University awards transfer credit for certain college preparatory exams taken before admitted students start their Rice academic career. Students are required to submit official score reports for any exams they wish to receive credit. These score reports will remain with the Office of the Registrar and become a part of the student's file at Rice University. Rice presently does not place a limit on the number of hours a student may earn via eligible exams.

During the Spring semester each year, the Office of Registrar coordinates with academic departments on review and update of the Exam Credit articulation tables. During this annual review, individual departments have the opportunity to advise the Office of the Registrar as to which exams within their area of study are to be accepted as Rice transfer credit, and what equivalent Rice course credit is to be applied to the student's record.

The following exams are reviewed for transfer credit at Rice (please click the exam name below for more information, including Rice's acceptance requirements):

Questions about AP, IB, A-level, and Credit by Departmental Exam can be directed to registrar@rice.edu.

In summary, the rules governing the acceptance of AP, IB, A-Level Exam, and Credit by Departmental Exam are as follows:

  • AP credit: Student must complete the examination with a score of 4 or 5.
  • IB credit: Student must have earned an IB Diploma and received an exam score of 6 or 7 on a higher-level exam.
  • A-Level credit: Student must complete the examination with a grade of A or B.
  • {New} Credit by Departmental Exam: For Fall 2023, there is only one approved credit by departmental exam arrangement, that being Single Variable Calculus (MATH 105).


If you have questions about the examination credit policy at Rice and/or if you have questions or comments on the posted articulation tables, please contact registrar@rice.edu.