Courses with ESTHER Waitlists

From the Office of the Registrar (OTR) . . .


This e-mail is being sent as a courtesy reminder. As we start the Fall 2022 semester, we want to highlight that ESTHER Waitlists have shifted from a 24 to 12-hour window and turnaround.

When a seat opens up in a class for which you are the next student prompted to add the class, you now have ONLY A 12-HOUR WINDOW within which to add the course and/or change your schedule. (The time deadline of this 12-hour window will be noted on the Notification E-mail.) For the last 4 1/2 months, the Waitlists have allowed for a 24-hour window. Beginning with the start of the Fall semester (today), the window is shortened to 12 hours.

—> For this reason, if you are on an ESTHER waitlist, you are strongly encouraged to monitor this closely. Log into ESTHER regularly and often.

1) For courses with ESTHER Waitlists, those waitlists will remain active through the end of Week 1 (this Friday, August 26th),
Simply put: Week 1, waitlist ON; Beginning Week 2, waitlist OFF;
{Does not apply to COLL, FWIS, and LPAP courses. Those courses retain their ESTHER Waitlists through the entirety of the Add period.}.

2) Please remember that, during Week 1 of the semester, the Office of the Registrar cannot accept and process Special Registration (Registration Restriction Override) Forms for courses with active ESTHER waitlists.

Thank you . . .