ESTHER Plan Ahead

To prepare for Add/Drop, you may want to create a Plan with alternative CRNs to place courses for which you were not successfully registered.

  1. From the Registration/Add-Drop page, select Plan Ahead.

  2. Before proceeding, select the Term for which you want to build a plan by clicking the drop-down menu under Terms Open for Planning then click Continue.

  3. Click on the Create a New Plan button.

  4. Courses which you have already requested registration will display in your planning area.
  5. Follow the directions for searching courses as you did for registration.
  6. If a course is not offered in the term, this will be notated.
  7. Click on the View Sections button to view all available sections.

  8. Once a desired section is found click on the Add button to add the course to your plan.
  9. You can add a note to the course to indicate for which course it is the second choice.
  10. Click on the Note icon.

  11. Write the note and Save.

  12. A green check mark on the note icon indicates that there is a saved note.

  13. Once courses are in the Plan, click on the Save Plan button.

  14. Name your Plan when prompted and click Save.

  15. Your Schedule and Plan will show your requested courses along with the planned courses.