Enrollment, Degree and Dates of Attendance Verification

Verification is often required for purposes of health insurance coverage, good student auto insurance discounts, loan deferments, VA benefits, etc.

Verification are available in two formats:

Please note: Verifications needed for the purpose of an apostille and/or visa requirements will need to be submitted via the Office of the Registrar for a hard-copy verification.

Electronic Verifications

Rice University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide verification for Rice students.

Electronic Enrollment Verifications

Enrollment verifications can be obtained free of charge through the National Student Clearinghouse Self-Service Portal. You will be required to sign in with your NetID and Password and authenticate your sign in through DUO (just as when logging into ESTHER).

To obtain a free Enrollment Verification:

  1. Click on this link: National Student Clearinghouse Self-Service Portal
  2. Enter NetID and Password (this will not be required if you are already logged into a Rice application using your NetID and password)
  3. You will have to authenticate your login using Duo
  4. Select Current Enrollment (for verification of the current term)
  5. Select All Enrollment (for entire enrollment history)
  6. Click on the Obtain an enrollment certificate link
  7. The enrollment verification will present immediately

Electronic Degree Verifications

Electronic degree verifications are $15.00 each.

To request an electronic verification:

  1. Go to the National Student Clearinghouse
  2. Click on Verify a Degree
  3. Read the User Agreement and click I Agree
  4. Fill in the requested personal information, and click Submit Request
  5. Fill in payment information and click Submit Request

Within minutes after placing an order, the National Student Clearinghouse will present you with a verification certificate or notification of pending research of academic record. This verification page also includes a link to a PDF version of your verification certificate containing the same information, which you can print and/or save.

Please Note: The National Student Clearinghouse cannot provide enrollment verifications for current students who have requested that their directory information be kept confidential. If your directory information is confidential, you must request enrollment verification through the Office of the Registrar directly (see below).

Hard-Copy Verifications

The Office of the Registrar provides hard-copy enrollment and degree verifications. Verifications needed for the purpose of an apostille and/or visa requirements will be provide on Office of the Registrar letterhead and can be notarized.

  • Enrollment verifications are $10.00 each.
  • Degree verifications are $15.00 each.

To request a hard-copy verification:

  1. Download and print the Enrollment or Degree Verification Request Form.
  2. Complete the form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar in person or via email at registrar@rice.edu.
  3. Pay the applicable fee for each verification. Fees can be charged to an active student's account or paid online with a credit card via the OTR Fees website. (Additional information regarding how to pay on the OTR Fees website is available here.)
  4. Verifications will be held for pick-up at the Office or the Registrar or mailed to the address indicated on the Request Form.

Processing Time: Hard-copy verification processing takes 2-5 business days during non-peak periods and 5-7 business days during peak periods.


Please note that students with certain holds on their account will not be able to obtain electronic or hard-copy verifications until the hold is cleared. The Office of the Registrar cannot remove holds governed by a different office or department. Please contact the appropriate department if you have a hold on your account. For more information about holds, click here.


Questions regarding verifications should be directed to registrar@rice.edu.